Shrī-Rāma-Charita-Mānasa | Full Colour, Premium Gloss, 3-Volume Bookset (BOXED) - (Ramayana English Translation)

Shrī-Rāma-Charita-Mānasa | Full Colour, Premium Gloss, 3-Volume Bookset (BOXED) - (Ramayana English Translation)

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Tulsīdāsa’s Shrī Rāma-Charita-Mānasa, written in the 16 th century, is an epic scripture that has always gripped the imagination of Bhārat (India) and shaped its value system, traditions, and culture. Yet, the original written in the vernacular, Awadhi is not understood by all. This annotated, word-for-word English translation fills that gap—enabling a deeper, in-depth understanding of the finer nuances and mysteries lurking in the greatest of scriptures ever to be written. A must-read for anyone wishing to comprehend the depths of the Rāma story told in this literary masterpiece.

The scripture, a voluminous text, with translation, annotated notes, and images is laid out in three volumes. The following details provide a bird’s eye view of the contents of this book.

Volume I

This includes background and preliminary information for reading this scripture. This entire volume has only the first Canto, the longest Canto of this book.

  • Introduction 

Provides a broader background context, relating to the organization, language, author, translator, and reading of this scripture.

  • Canto I: The Bāla Kānda—The Childhood Canto

Weddings of Shiva and Pārvatī, Rāvana’s creation and atrocities, the birth of Rāma, and the wedding of Rāma and Sītā.

Volume II 

Has the largest number of Cantos, Cantos II-V, covering the exile years and Rāma’s forest journey, accompanied by his wife Sītā and younger brother Lakshmana.

  • Canto II: Ayodhyā Kānda—The Ayodhyā Canto

Rāma’s exile and Bharata’s grand march to Chitrakūta to bring Him back.

  • Canto III: Aranya Kānda—The Forest Canto 

Rāma’s meeting with the sages and Sītā’s abduction by Rāvana.

  • Canto IV: The Kishkindhā Kānda—The Kishkindhā Canto

Rāma meets Hanumān, friendship with Sugrīva, and killing of Bāli.

  • Canto V: Sundara Kānda—The Beautiful Canto 

Hanumān’s flight to Lankā, meeting with Sītā, returning with her message for Rāma, and Vibhīshana’s surrender.

Volume III

This includes the last two Cantos, VI-VII, and a rich and extensive Glossary and Indices.

  • Canto VI: Lankā Kānda—The Lankā Canto 

Building of the bridge, march of Rāma’s army to Lankā, Angada as Rāma’s emissary in Rāvana’s court, the war and killing of Rāvana, rescue of Sītā, Vibhīshana’s investiture, and return to Ayodhyā.

  • Canto VII: Uttara Kānda—The Canto on the later events 

Rāma’s “Investiture”, His rule, end of His earthly pastimes, and an extensive philosophical discourse between Kāka Bhushundi and Garura.


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