Reimagining Indian Education - India Needs a Revolution in Education, Reforms Won’t Do

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How many adults use quadratic equations in their daily life or even at work?

And yet every student is expected to master 3 or more methods of solving quadratic equations. Given that many students struggle with Mathematics basics in the first place, mastering multiple ways of solving quadratic equations without even knowing the applications, and without any real life application as adults, is symptomatic of the issues plaguing the Indian education system.

India can’t just afford to talk about educational reforms, it needs to bring about a revolution in education, otherwise it will miss the much needed demographic dividend. The revolution in education requires us to rethink the fundamental goal posts of education, especially in the 21st century, where the right skills and attitudes are far more valuable than the ability to memorise disconnected facts.

The only way skills and attitudes can be taught effectively is if content is reduced heavily across grade levels and assessments test skills rather than the ability to memorise information. A fundamentally new pedagogical and regulatory approach is needed to ensure that all Indian students are equipped to handle the demands of the 21st Century. Reimagining Indian Education is an attempt to redefine Indian education.

About the author: Vardan Kabra is a passionate educationist who co-founded Fountainhead School, Surat in 2005. It’s one of the largest International Baccalaureate (IB) Schools in India.  Growing up, he studied in 11 different schools across India and in Nigeria. His experience at these schools led him to realize that schooling can be so much more exciting and fruitful than it is. His educational experience at IIT Bombay and then IIM Ahmedabad helped him decide on education as a career. He also volunteers with the Education Department of Gujarat to support their transformational public education efforts. He lives in Surat, Gujarat.

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  • Author: Vardan Kabra
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