Fearless Leadership - Lead to Win: Unleash your Potential through Transformational Leadership and Self Development

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Fearless Leadership – Lead to Win
Unleash your Potential through Transformational Leadership and Self Development Shattering the Self-imposed Limits of Mediocracy

Do you feel stuck in a mediocracy?
Do you wonder what it takes to become a great leader?
Do you feel frustrated when you see your colleagues making it to the big league while you stagnate, hurting your career growth?
As a leader, do you struggle to make your personal brand and stand out?
Do you see the opportunities but don’t know how to make the most of them?
Do you believe that strategic leadership is not your cup of tea?
Do you get lost and find it challenging to decide when faced with complex situations?
Do you get confused about where and how to start on this transformational self-development journey?
Do you want this process to be simplified and made practical, and easy to adapt?

What if you could learn the leadership secrets practiced by great leaders and relate them to real-life experiences of the author Colonel Narendra Verma (Veteran), who has over 37 years of leadership experience.
This book will help you with:
• Basics of leadership in various organisational contexts and how successful transitions can be made
• Understand different levels of leadership that a leader goes through.
• Understand key traits, qualities, best practices, tools and techniques, and behaviours from a practitioner's perspective, which a budding modern leader must adapt and learn to move up the ladder.
• See what it needs to become a successful leader. What great leaders do or don’t do.
• How to develop the inner leadership, starting from self.
• How to inculcate the right habits, routines, thoughts, beliefs and actions that will allow an average leader to break into the great leadership club.
• How to quickly make sense of the complex and ambiguous situations and take decisions fearlessly which are not reckless.
• How to manifest your desires through programming your subconscious mind and unleashing your potential.

This book is targeted at all leaders (we are all leaders in some form or the other) who are at various stages of their life journey and want to succeed. They want to transform their personal and professional lives by breaking through the self-imposed barriers which limit their potential. While the author has drawn from ideas of selected experts and best practices, effort has been to provide a foundational, holistic, practical, easy to adopt, quick to learn and ready to go recipe book for success. Since Narendra has personally experienced each of the ideas described in this book, it can be said with a great deal of conviction that “it works”.
So, enjoy the ride.

About the Author: Colonel Narendra Verma, PMP® has over 37 years of leadership experience across a broad spectrum, starting from the military to a very successful corporate career with World leaders like IBM, Enercon, Suzlon, Vestas and GE in the space of Renewable Energy. He has led teams across the Asia Pacific and China to commission over 12000 MW of wind farms. He has successfully carved out a space and built a brand for himself in a short decade since he decided to pursue a second career after a splendid 23 years with the Indian Army. He is currently an Executive Director and Head of Projects Asia Pacific for Onshore Wind in GE Renewables.
In this book, Narendra shares his personal stories and defines the qualities that make up a great Leader. Discover how to build and manage teams, create new leaders who are smart and fearless. He shares insights and nuggets of knowledge drawn from his real-life experiences as a Colonel in the Indian Army, followed by a long haul of leadership positions across top global corporations - thereby providing a simple yet effective roadmap for budding leaders. Narendra encourages you to create your own leadership style bedded to the basics, people at heart so that you can find solutions to the most challenging problems and situations that arise. He draws liberally from Vedic concepts for self-development as it is imperative to start from the self. He shares time-tested tools, tips and methodologies that equip the leader to sharpen his saw at his trade. He is an alumnus of Cranfield University, the UK and the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India. He is based in Mumbai, India. The author’s latest profile can be seen at linkedin.com/in/nkverma.

  • Paperback:  152 pages
  • Publisher: White Falcon Publishing; 1 edition (2022)
  • Author: Narendra Verma
  • ISBN-13: 9781636404578
  • Product Dimensions:  6 x 1 x 9 Inch

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