Ananya - The Warrior Princess (Full Colour)

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The story of Princess Is fantastical. It is a fairy tale full of evil geniuses, evil wizards, a love-lorn sorcerer. It has a lost ship, it’s lost captain and it’s lucky African people who escaped slavery by an act of God and pirates, Princess undertake a perilous journey to save her father, the King from the evil designs of her evil uncle. She crosses into other dimensions to hunt her uncle. And destroyer his evil mentor and father Kalkut.

Ananya restores peace and harmony, Tom the lost captain helps her when she most needs and is changed from a slave-runner to a man of conscience.

About the Author: The author Dr. Sulekha Sharma, is a superannuated teacher of English language and literature. She taught undergraduate classes for 36 years, starting in 1956. The focus of her doctoral thesis was William Faulkner. A copy of her thesis was accepted by the library of Oxford University, Mississippi, USA. She was invited as a research scholar to the university where she spent three weeks in September 1987. She did a four-week summer course in Modern Literary Criticism and Linguistics at Harvard University in the summer of 1979.

She has done specialized courses in the teaching of English language as a foreign language from the Indian Institute of English and Foreign Languages at Hyderabad India.

She is a life member of the American Institute of Research Studies, Hyderabad, India. She lives in India and USA.

  • Paperback: 108 pages
  • Publisher: White Falcon Publishing; 1 edition (July 2024)
  • Author: Sulekha Sharma
  • ISBN-13: 9798892223850
  • Product Dimensions:  8.5 x 8.5 inch

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