Furtive Glimpses - Flash Fiction from The Arab World - A Small Anthology

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The book is a collection of translated flash fiction: vignettes, short-shorts, and short stories. In the Arab world, flash fiction is a relatively new art form, only appearing during the second half of ‎the ‎twentieth century in Egypt, Iraq, ‎Syria, and Morocco. However, it has swiftly become a vibrant genre ‎in ‎contemporary Arabic literature and has gained widespread ‎publication in most ‎Arab literary magazines. In this anthology, the translator aimed to provide English readers with a sampling of the best ‎modern ‎Arabic ‎flash ‎fiction. He has ensured that more than twenty countries in the Arab world ‎are ‎represented. The collection will appeal to fans of Anton Chekhov, Franz Kafka, Lydia Davis, Sean Hill, among others. The translator published a number of translated fiction in leading literary journals in most English-speaking countries: the USA, England, Canada, New Zealand, India, Ireland, and Singapore. His translations have appeared in major literary publications, such as Columbia Journal, The Malahat Review, The Chattahoochee Review, Adelaide Literary Magazine, Asymptote Journal, Litro Magazine, Denver Quarterly, Shenandoah Literary Magazine, and Fiction International, among others.

About the Author: Essam M. Al-Jassim is a Saudi writer and translator based in Jubail, Saudi Arabia. He taught English for many years at Royal Commission schools in Jubail. Mr. Al-Jassim received his bachelor’s degree in foreign languages and education from King Faisal University, Hofuf. His writings and translations have appeared in a variety of print and online Arabic and English literary journals. Essam is a lifelong bibliophile.

  • Paperback: 314 pages
  • Publisher: White Falcon Publishing; 1 edition (2022)
  • Author: Essam M. Al-Jassim
  • ISBN-13: 9781636407685
  • Product Dimensions:  6 x 1 x 9 Inch

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