Kach - The Untold Story Of A Spy

Kach - The Untold Story Of A Spy

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Kach, the tale of a spy the novel is a classic mythological saga of love and lust. Sarmistha being the daughter of Asura King Brishaparva happened to be a maid for Sukracharya’s daughter Devayani. They both attracted to a King Yayati Son of great king Nahush, who happened to be the king of heaven in absence of lord Indra.

Sukracharya, the Asura Guru only human in the earth happened to know the Sanjivani Mantra, a hymn that can give life to deaths and Lord Indra played a trick on him through Devaguru Brihaspati’s son Kach to get the hymn from him. And how Kach succeeded in his task with risking his life as a spy many times and how Devayani cursed him to forget everything he had learnt from her father is being fictionalized to describe the situations.

It also describes Devayani and Sarmistha how and when they lured the king Yayati with their beauty to copulate with them. Finally the king Yayati became a victim of all the consequences of the story and lost his youth as a curse of Sukracharya. He again exchanged his youth with one of his five sons from Devayani and Sarmistha though for a limited time and left for the forest giving his kingdom to his worthiest son.

  • Author: SUMIT BHADRA
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