Lansdowne Road

Lansdowne Road

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Public schools, specially those nestled in the sylvan surroundings of the hills, have ruled the imagination of the elites with deep pockets and people wishing to serve there as a member of the academic faculty. The reason was the glamour associated with them. Ravi Kumar, working in a small town school, dreams of being the part of such an elitist institution. But his colleagues dissuade him from both applying and attending the interview. In their opinion, people like him could not qualify, as these schools were very high fi and sophisticated. But he makes it and joins one as a faculty member. Initially he finds the atmosphere there so different: both culturally and socially, but adjusts and establishes himself as a competent hand. Later on he discovers that behind its glorious façade, the society there too is essentially the same as elsewhere. 0n one hand there were examples of excellence, hard work, sincerity, protection of the deserving, love and affection, on the other there were petty jealousies, personal rivalries, backbitings, unfair dealings, illicit relations, ruthless highhandedness and cheating. But for that matter there are always two sides of a coin and this great institution was no different. Besides narrating the events in the personal life of the protagonist which are both joyous and sorrowful, the story also deals with his experiences which bring out both the enviable and not so enviable sides of the workings of this elitist institution. But such negatives don't make any dent in its image because after all it stands tall above others.

  • Paperback: 154 pages
  • Publisher: White Falcon Publishing Platform; 1 edition (2015)
  • Language: English
  • Author: T.K.B. SINHA
  • ISBN-13: 978-1943851355
  • Product Dimensions: 12.7 x 0.8 x 20.3 cm

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