The ABC Of Real Estate In India

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Part 1: Real Estate in India
Introduction: Key drivers for real estate growth in India
Chapter 1: The Evolution of the Indian Real Estate Market

  • Last 10 years of the Real Estate Development in India
  • Real Estate in the Tier II and Tier III Cities
  • Real Estate in the Metropolitan Cities (Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Karnataka, )
  • Key Policy Decisions by the Government of India which led to the boom in the Sector
  • Transformation of Real Estate Sector from an unorganized to organized sector

Chapter 2: Types of Real Estate Investments

  • Residential Real Estate Sector in India
  • Commercial Real Estate Sector in India
  • Retail Real Estate Sector in India
  • Industrial Real Estate Sector in India
  • Hybrid Real Estate Sector

Chapter 3: Real Estate Industry in the Next Decade

  • India a Growing Economy and its Impact in the Real Estate Sector (Residential,
  • Commercial, Retail and Industrial)
  • House for all by 2022: A mission or just a manifesto
  • Growing NRI population and its impact on the Real Estate Sector
  • Growing Consumerism in India and its impact on the Real Estate Sector
  • Digital Trends Impacting the Real Estate Sector
  • Government Initiatives in the Real Estate Sector

Chapter 5: Upcoming Challenges you Should know

  • The Demand Supply Mismatch (High Inventory)
  • Curbing of Black Money Flow  and its Impact
  • Increasing Tax Burden on the Middle Class
  • Low Rental Yield: A deterrent for Investors (Especially as the appreciation has stabilized)
  • Land Acquisition: A Herculean Task for the Real Estate Developers

Part 2: Starting your Real Estate Investment

Chapter 1: Choosing the right type of Real Estate Investment

  • Identify your Need
  • Diversifying is the Need of the hour
  • Residential vs. Commercial
  • The Road ahead for Retail Spaces

Chapter 2: Preparation is the Key

  • The Role of Brokers in the Realty Sector
  • Taking advantage of the Online World
  • Managing your Cash Flow and Finances
  • Stick to the Basics of Investing
  • Tips to identify a wrong investment

Chapter 3: Funding your Investment

  • Type of Loans you can take (Industrial Property Loans, Residential Loans)
  • Type of Payment Plans offered by Builders
  • Taking advantage of Schemes and offers (Are they really good?)
  • How much loan burden can you take?

Chapter 4: What you need to know before Investing in a Real Estate

  • Identifying your investment needs (Short-term, mid-term, long term)
  • What is negative Cashflow? Why is there no positive cashflow investment in
  • India?
  • Why should you also consider investing abroad?
  • What you need to know if investing abroad
  • Real Estate Laws and Policies in India you should know

Chapter 5: The Checklist

  • Documents you should have when applying for a loan (Home loan, Industrial
  • property loan, etc)
  • Documents to have as a buyer
  • Inspection of Property before signing the deal
  • How to check the Documents of a Property

Part 3: Making Money

Chapter 1: Building your Rental Income Tips to buy a high rent Yielding Property
Appreciation Vs. Rent: Finding a Balance Tips to Multiply your Rental Income

How to make your Property more Valuable for a higher Rent Using your Rent to build Assets
Chapter 2: Building Wealth from your Investment

  • Inflation and Appreciation: Know your Standing
  • REIT in India: A Fad or Rising Trend?
  • How to make money by Flipping Properties
  • Land Vs Flats? Which appreciate better (Long-term and short-term)
  • Why should you not live in the House you Buy?

Chapter 3: Don’t let the Taxman eat into your Wealth

  • Tips to save taxes on Rental Income
  • Avoiding Big Tax Bills on your Property Sale
  • Tips to Save taxes while buying a Property
  • Tax implications for NRIs while selling and buying Property in India.
  • Tax implications for Indians while buying and selling property abroad.

Chapter 4: It’s the Time for Action!

  • What have you learned so far
  • Tips to get started
  • When it’s time to get out, Get out!
  • Minimizing the risks


  • Paperback: 219 pages
  • Publisher: White Falcon Publishing; 1 edition (2018)
  • Author: Sachin Mittal
  • ISBN-13: 9789387193161
  • Product Dimensions:  15 x 1 x 22.3 cm

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