You Within You - A Journey Towards Self Discovery

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When we are stuck in life, the only thing we look for is some instant solution. Little do we know that every solution to any problem lies within us. This book deals with understanding the false behavior, thoughts, or acts you may carry in your mind intending to help you to live a better life. You within you is about looking into ourselves and altering all such thoughts and acts that pull us away from being our true divine selves.

We believe that through our personal experience, overcoming obstacles and creating a better future self is possible.

The work presented is drawn from some personal experiences, rational observations and intense research. We have included some theories and examples to make things simpler for you.

This book is not a substitute for a solution or any professional preaching, but we believe it may guide you in understanding your inner self. We hope that you find it helpful in your journey of self-discovery.

About the Authors:
Neha Singh: Who never planned on being a writer, not only created her career as a content writer but even published her collection of poems and prose named 'Pen And Paper.' She is mainly driven by her emotions which helps her to connect with her audience at a very intimate level. Her writings were mostly about her life situations and happenings. The introspective nature inspired her to discover more about life's philosophical aspects, which led her to co-write this book. Living with her small family and her pet, Neha is a food blog writer. She has also worked in different niches like Travel and IT and always looking for new areas to explore. It won't be false to say that this book chose her to be a writer. It was meant to be!

Deepak Kumar: Deepak Kumar, who has been working in IT companies for a decade in the field of analysis, ML/AI, has always believed that his life is far beyond this materialistic world. After putting his mind and soul into analyzing data, numbers and patterns, he also tried to analyze how life creates possibilities. His spiritual curiosity brought him closer to the deeper meaning of life. His dream to write something lifechanging was locked in some pages for several years, but he never gave up on it. Four years later, through his journey of self-discovery, which led him to delve into various philosophical aspects of existence, fueling his spiritual curiosity, he finally picked on writing from where he left off, which inspired him to share his perspective with others. A father of a daughter who has been carrying the responsibilities of his entire family always stood for every family member, but for the first time, he followed his passion for writing and juggled between his responsibilities and passion very gracefully.


  • Paperback: 222 pages
  • Publisher: White Falcon Publishing; 1 edition (2023)
  • Author: Deepak Kumar and Neha Singh
  • ISBN-13: 9781636409535
  • Product Dimensions:  5 x 1 x 7 Inch

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