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This poetic journey started even before I had stepped into my teens. First, as a hobby, which gradually turned into a passion as I tried to interpret the myriad events that had started to unfold in my life.

Despite various challenges and a turbulent journey during most of my adult life, I found solace in expressing my thoughts and emotions through these modest lines.

The wide range of topics that you will find in the following pages were inspired by my curiosity to understand the dynamics of relationships, certain life changing events and the beauty of nature.

"Footprints" is a collection of my personal thoughts narrated in a poetic style. It may strike a chord and resonate with your life. You will find my poetry descriptive with vivid imagery and a flavoured undertone of subtle story telling.

Footprints as they say are impressions one creates through their walk of life. They may erase with time but leave behind precious memories. In the pages of “Footprints” I have attempted to present and preserve some of my most cherished memories. These are pure emotions straight from my heart to yours!

I would like to acknowledge the contribution of my husband supporting every endeavour of mine, my children inspiring me at every step , my parents being the guiding light , my well-wishers encouraging me and lastly my mentor and guide who have enabled me to realize my dream.

About the Author: Nisha Tandon, currently residing in Dubai is an entrepreneur with an HR, Training Consulting firm. Having versatile experience in hotels, educational institutions and corporate entities, Nisha has had multi-dimensional exposure to the different arenas of work. Her exuberance and passion towards children led to a meaningful contribution to the teaching community and she worked for a significant tenure as an accomplished teacher in an elite school in Delhi.

She faced reality when she was blessed with two daughters, the younger being diagnosed with Downs Syndrome. Since then she has been passionately engaged in educating and motivating parents of children with special needs through her blog,

Shaped by the struggles and lack of support while raising her younger daughter, her poetry gives the readers an insight into how she views life. She defied social norms prevalent in her conservative family and grew into a free spirited, carefree and rebellious soul.

In a side lesser known, she pours out her sensitivity and sincerity into her poetry. In a well-articulated and rhythmic tone her work weaves together human emotions into the little moments of life.

Now, she attempts to express her zeal in this book “Footprints”, a momento that she cherishes and hopes you will too

  • Paperback: 108 pages
  • Publisher: White Falcon Publishing ; 1 edition (2019)
  • Author: Nisha Tandon
  • ISBN-13: 9789389085129
  • Product Dimensions:  12.7 x 1 x 20.3 cm

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