The Chamber of Expressions: A collection of poems

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As the book title, The Chamber of Expressions suggests through a dynamic poetic voice, full of feelings immersed in fervors of profound love, gratitude, struggles and memories, to name a few.

Endlessly varied, wonderfully inventive and emotionally powerful, the poems endeavor to tug at the hearts of poetry readers who can associate themselves through the resonating verses with every poem taking them to a novel chamber while letting many memories waft in through their own imagination. The poems in this book showcase Khan’s full poetic range: there are poems written in profound love and in betrayal; universal poems and immensely personal ones on the quest of identity; poems that have heartache while others have childhood memories. Their poetic amalgamation with soul clearly signifies that ‘poetry prevails through all the conquers and defeats in our lives like mystic musings forever engraved in our hearts.’

The intricacy and subtlety of emotions through varied literary elements evident in a wide variety of
poems has a lot to offer for the diverse categories of poetry lovers living in the dystopian world; while, many would cherish the dichotomy and others live in nostalgia.

So, let yourself free from all what you hold while moving from one experience to another and embrace
the journey while traversing through the Chambers of Expressions.

About the Author: Sazina Khan hails from Chandigarh, in India and has completed her third master’s degree in Education (M.Ed.) from Murdoch University, Dubai after completing her Masters in English with specialization in American literature. “Plan deliver and reflection” is her philosophy to improve and she strongly believes that the learning curve never ends. Living by her “never seize to learn and explore” principle, she has successfully completed TESOL from Trinity College, London and also received her certification as a specialized educationist in climate change from UNESCO to name a few.

She now lives in Dubai and heads the ELL Department at an esteemed American institution. She believes in accepting challenges that life beholds and while turning them into meaningful opportunities, at both personal and professional level. As a logophile, she devotes her leisure time indulging in diverse range of writing that portrays her awareness about the fast-moving cosmopolitan world and the issues concerning it. Through her introspective writing style, rhetorical questions are posed about life experiences in a dystopian society, stereotypes, and realistic dilemmas that others are apprehensive to address. While cherishing writing poetry, she pours her heart out on the pages, intricately sews words like threads and adores vigorous metaphors.

Moreover, Sazina firmly believes that as an effort to achieve a real change in the world every act of kindness matter. Well known for her contribution in international poetry symposiums across years, she shares a unique cultural lens when mentoring budding poets and merging several worlds and passions for poetry altogether.


  • Hardback: 170 pages
  • Publisher: White Falcon Publishing; 1 edition (2020)
  • Author: Sazina Khan
  • ISBN-13: 9789389932775
  • Product Dimensions:  15.2 x 1 x 22.8 cm

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