The Ï Way: 100 Quotes by Ïmagine Singh

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The power of thought can change the world. And power of thoughts can change worlds! Each one of us lives in our own world. We fight our own battles, choose our way to live and some even choose how to die. We have our own attitude towards life. Black or white, good or bad, right or wrong, we see life in our own colours. This is shaped by a number of factors including our experiences, our make (DNA) and our take on life. Our attitude keeps on evolving over time. Sometimes we learn, sometimes we unlearn.

The Ï way is about the finest impulses that strike me every day. Those little sparks which become flames in their own right. These can best be defined as “life” lines. Each quote mentioned in the book has its own light. Each quote is like a star, tearing through darkness and giving heat to cold and often brazen life. A star around which lives of many would revolve and eventually evolve. It is a humble effort to share a part of me with the world. It’s my way, or should I say it’s - The Ï way!

About the Author: Inderpal Singh popularly known as Ïmagine Singh is a bollywood actor, writer, creativity campaigner and much more. A graduate in science and a post graduate in finance, Ïmagine Singh always had an artist dancing within. Everything begins with a spark, and so did the journey for Ïmagine Singh. In the year 1992, he won The Best Actor’s Award at Cross Roads Festival SRCC, Delhi. But he had to wait for many years to get his first big break in bollywood - a short but crisp and important role in superhit film Vicky Donor! Interesting roles followed in films like Besharm, Running Shaadi, Mukhtair Chadha, etc. All these years the writer in him supported the actor within. He ideated ad campaigns in Hindi for many clients like Escotel, Citibank, Dainik Jagran, Punjabi Jagran and many more. Apart from jingles, ad-films and corporate films he has also written for museums.

In evolving as a creative professional, he was fascinated by science of creativity. After doing years of research in the field of creativity, he started conducting workshops in schools, colleges and corporates. And his workshops were pretty successful. He is often invited at prestigious forums to give talks on Creativity.

Today, he has made his mission to make people aware of their dormant creative potential & educate them about the process of creativity and related areas. With more than 10 films, numerous tv commercials and many interesting roles in television serials, the actor in him continues to evolve and so does the writer. He has created a character called Ïmagine Singh to spread awareness about creativity & imagination among masses. His mantra is simple - i must imagine. He believes that if every i begins to imagine i will transform into Ï.


  • Paperback: 108 pages
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  • Author: Ïmagine Singh
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