The Role of Village-Owned Enterprises in Remote Village Economies

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The Role and Governance Capacity of Village-owned enterprise in Remote Village Economies is a book that studies how to improve the economy in remote village areas. This book describes the development of village-owned enterprises and its establishment in several regions. The tourism governance at Ijen Lestari village-owned enterprises in Tamansari Village, which is a tourist village, it is able to increase per capita income, as well as contribute to the village’s income. In addition, this village-owned enterprises program is able to absorb the workforce of village community. Meanwhile, capital and partnership problem can be solved through strengthening the village-owned enterprises institutional governance to realize its role as a village economic manager, and establish the joint businesses in the form of cooperation, or a strategy to build a network of cooperation between villages called BUMDes Bersama to run businesses in economic sector and public services. This partnership program is mutually beneficial and protects the village and its community’s interests, as well as the cooperating parties.

About the Author: M. Amir. HT. Born in Maros on August 28, 1957, graduated from elementary school to high school in Maros Regency (South Sulawesi, 1978), continued his education at AIPI (Akademi Ilmu Pelayaran Indonesia) until graduation in 1981, underwent Porla period in 1980 (Marine Practice) in PT. Arafah worked as a sailor at PT. Maratus and PT. Pelayaran Sriwijaya Loyd until 1983, entered TKS-BUTSI Batch XI in Bali Province and East Timor Province.

The accomplishments acquired in East Timor Province include the Head of Subdivision of Trial and Risalah in the 1988 Conference and the Head of Subdivision of Trial and Risalah of DPRD Secretariat Conference in 1994. At that time also completed his Bachelor’s Degree Study at Untim, Faculty of SOSPOL, Government Studies, until East Timor Province was separated from the Indonesian Republic in 1999.

He remains to acquired his accomplishment in Balitbangda as a Staff for Government Affairs in 1999 and Community Affairs until 2004; entered the functional ranks as a Researcher with Post Graduate Program Education with a Masters in Management predicate, is currently active in pursuing various research, and become an author of study books and writes for various media.

Researcher Career:
1. Research Assistant in 2004
2. First Researcher in 2007
3. Young Researcher in 2008
4. Associate Researcher in 2010
5. Main Expert Researcher in 2017

  • Paperback: 54 pages
  • Publisher: White Falcon Publishing; 1 edition (2023)
  • Author: M. Amir. HT
  • ISBN-13: 9798892220040
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