The Last Pawn

The Last Pawn

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Every person isn't given the choice of how he wants to live,sometimes it's a calling he just cannot ignore;a burden he must bear for the betterment of others.
Just like every coin has two sides and only one of them can stay in sight at a given time,sometimes what meets the eye is really not the truth.
Such was Jonathan’s life.
He lived all his life thinking he was a normal orphan teenager but everything transforms when he receives a letter from his parents which upbrings some buried nightmares from his childhood.A subsequent terrorist attack on his school further reveals hidden truths about his past and one after the other weird things start happening to him.First,he got hit by a bullet still nothing happened to him.Then he got stabbed by a knife and the wound somehow miraculously healed in just a fortnight.
When he sets out to discover the reasons behind all the unexplainable things happening to him he starts having odd hallucinations and dreams about his past which ultimately reveal world’s biggest conspiracy coverup;the fact that the terrorsist attacks of 9/11 at the World Trade Centre,Mumbai attacks of 26/11,London bombings,Paris bombings and all other major terrorist attacks around the World had a pattern and were not just a random attempt to strike terror in people but part of a grand scheme to cause the the next World War and also he too unknowingly played a major role in all those attacks.

  • Paperback: 204 pages
  • Publisher: White Falcon Publishing; 1 edition (2017)
  • Author: Shubh Dhingra
  • ISBN-13: 9789386210821
  • Product Dimensions: 14 x 1.3 x 21.6 cm

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