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Four murders, same modus operandi, a beautiful woman, split radial arteries and six alphabets A, B, E, R, S, U, soaked in victim's blood. What do they mean?

The police is not able to find her because S-H-E doesn't exist.  A revenge saga dripping with lust, sex, abuse, intrigue, suspense and friendship. A spine chilling thriller that challenges the very concept of crime and punishment.

About the Author: Dr Pradeep Kapoor is a Paediatrician by profession and a writer by passion. He has authored several bestselling books which have been translated into many languages. His book Make Your Child A Winner was translated into six languages. FOSLA (Frustrated One Sided Lovers' Association), a medical college campus comedy, has been much loved by the readers. He is a member of Screen Writers Association and has written three short films. A web series is on the way.

Pradeep lives in Bhopal and can be reached at pkapoorp10@gmail.com

  • Paperback: 222 pages
  • Publisher: White Falcon Publishing; 1 edition (April 2024)
  • Author: Pradeep Kapoor
  • ISBN-13: 9798892222631
  • Product Dimensions: 5 x 8 Inches

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