His Lethal Madness - A Secret About the Beast

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The story is also about his madness of him for his beauty.
The story is about a male omega name Ve and the beast who was considered a villain for the kingdoms.
Which need to be killed for mankind.
Ve was suffering because of his disability.
He was chosen as a sacrifice to the beast.
A lamb need to be slaughtered.

Ve didn’t say anything he accept what they told them he was ready to sacrifice himself not for the kingdom but for his parents.
It was such a devastating feeling for him because his life was going to be hell that's what he thought after seeing the beast the first time.
A scary, animal with big claws and paws and sharp teeth.
A real monster to be exact words.

But there was something about the beast that nobody knows, but her.
A secret about the beast, a story that was hidden.
She knows the future but still, she chooses him.
She tried to change the future but it led to nothing more than to destroy the whole kingdom and nobody survived.


About the Author: My self Isha panwar my current age is 15 and I am studying in the 10th class at the age of 14 I started writing on an online platform.

Not to forget I am a BTS fan.
They are my role model who made me confident to write and do something.
I was born into a farmer's family in a very small village name Chobla.
My village is not much developed.
I always wanted to be something that should be unique.
I wanted to be unique and create something that people adore and will remember.

After seeing many authors writing their books and also feeling overwhelmed to write I aimed to write a story not just a story but a novel. So I write and my parents also encouraged me and they always support me no matter what I choose.

Becoming an author was my aim and now it’s going to be complete thanks to white falcon publishing.

  • Paperback: 136 pages
  • Publisher: White Falcon Publishing; 1 edition (2023)
  • Author: Isha Panwar
  • ISBN-13: 9798892220392
  • Product Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5 Inches

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