Landuse/Landcover Dynamic of Chilika Lake Catchment

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The book Landuse/Landcover Dynamic of Chilika lake catchment describes the landuse/ landcover dynamic of Chilika lake catchment by using Remote Sensing and GIS technology, analyse the population dynamic, applied statistical technique to find out the relationship between the landuse/landcover dynamic and population growth, urban growth etc. The Chilika lake which is a hotspot of biodiversity, a Ramsar site and one of the largest brackish water wetland of Asia with estuarine character.

The book is distributed into seven chapters. The landuse/landcover dynamic is a global concern for the whole world. Land use/land cover change has become a central component in current strategies for managing natural resources and monitoring environmental changes. Changes in land use can be due to urban expansion and loss of agricultural land, changes in river regimes and the effects of shifting cultivation, the spread of erosion and desertification and so on.

Remote Sensing (RS) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) techniques provide effective tools for analyzing the land use dynamics of the region as well as for monitoring, mapping and management of natural resources.

  • Paperback: 316 Pages
  • Publisher: White Falcon Publishing; 1 edition (2018)
  • Author: Dr. Adikanda Ojha, Dr. Jajnaseni Rout
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