[PRE-ORDER] K-The Last Warrior

[PRE-ORDER] K-The Last Warrior

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Does this world move the same way as we think? Are we alone in this world? Is it that what we see is true or there is a great secret that has been hidden from us till today or everything was in front of us but We could not see it. Is there any reason behind everything that happens in this world? Is there any motive for everyone's life, is it really true that at the end everything gets well .This story seeks answers to such questions. The story begins with a group of people hidden in the forest escaping from someone and searching for their savior. Something had happened in this world, something that no one has ever imagined even in their worst nightmares. What is the secret from which all these people are running away? A girl named Monica is taking all these people towards an unknown destination, towards the destination where Shivaye had told her to go after all this will start. What exactly has begun, what kind of dark secret has appeared before the world, because of which everyone is running away to escape. Who is this Shivaye and how did he know this secret in advance? Where is Shivaye right now? About which destination Shivaye has told Monica towards which she is taking all the people. Monica is looking for some 'K' on Shivaye's belief. After all who is this 'K'? Is 'K' really exists or it was just the imagination of shivaye? will monica be able to ever find ‘K’, Is that 'K' the protector of all of them? As the story progress, some dark secrets of this world and universe reveals which have been kept hidden from the common man till date. Get ready to witness the biggest story of this era, Get ready to know all the hidden secrets, Get ready to enjoy the journey of “K” fill with romance, action and mysteries.


  • Author: Tarun Jolly
  • Trim Size: 5 X 8
  • Paperback : 220 pages
  • Category: Fiction
  • Binding: Paperback


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