Traditional Festivals, Customs and Drinks of India

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India is a country where there is unity without uniformity and diversity without fragmentation. Unity in diversity is the soul of the country. We have 29 states and 07 Union territories with multi-lingual multi-ethnic population. India is a birth place of Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism, Jainism collectively known as Indian religions. Muslims, Christians, Parsees and many others are also integral parts of our nation. Traditions and customs may differ but the soul of oneness is a cementing factor for the country.

We have regions of high temperature as well as much lower temperatures, dense forests and vast deserts as well. Geographical variations decide the way of life to be adopted. Life style does not change abruptly with change of state. That is why boundary of every state has been mentioned.

We are historical creatures of habit which is simply in escapable and omnipresence fact of our existence. Customs and traditions are some how related with habits. Our tradition acts as a compass for all of our human relationship and personal interactions what makes something a tradition is that it is handed down from one generation to the next creating a living dynamic flow of rhythm and predictability we desperately need our tradition. In doing so we honour past generations by passing their rites and rituals to the next generation. That is how we realize our immortality. As we know traditions, so we learn to honour ourselves and in the final analysis, each other.

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