5 Hour Workday

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This book is an attempt to make people understand that there is a big difference between being busy and being productive. It is not necessary to be working 8 – 9 hours a day to be productive.

You can work for just 5 hours and be productive and efficient and grow your business exponentially. In fact, those extra hours that you will free yourself from will help you last longer in this tough competitive world of business & profession.

You will have to first break your mindset of thinking that you HAVE TO work long hours to be successful in your professional life. I know enough people who work lesser hours and are more successful. The moment you disconnect from your business, you tend to look at the bigger picture and that big vision you have for your company.

Learning various skillsets and reading relevant material to expand your horizon is as much necessary as it is working in your profession. Learn to let go of as many things as you possibly can and trust others whom you will delegate or outsource and you will realise that without you doing multitasking, a lot of work is getting simultaneously done more efficiently and systematically.

Employ some of the ideas and templates discussed in this book and you will arrive at having a “5 Hour Workday”. So, happy & fruitful reading.

About the Author:

Few entrepreneurs can boast of the depth of knowledge that Nimish holds in guiding businesses to the peak of their success. As a visionary, he holds profound expertise and in designing highly effective business processes, especially in the construction and real estate domain.

He is also the Amazon Bestselling Author of the book “The Power Of Being Organised – Construction Efficiency Unravelled”.

Backed by a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering in 1990, Nimish trained under renowned trainer Mr. A.P. Remedios and worked with esteemed companies like Hiranandani Construction, K. Raheja Construction, Talati &Panthaky Associates etc. Over the years, he has co-founded a successful project management consultancy firm named Mancon, and private limited firms like Fieldstone Construction Pvt Ltd, Maisonette Encon Pvt Ltd. and Satellite Aedifex Pvt Ltd. These companies have dealt with executing a number of projects for some of the country's most esteemed clients. This gave Nimish the experience of handling prestigious, large-scale projects on a national scale.

Throughout his career, he has donned the hats of a director, consultant, developer, and contractor and has supervised myriad projects amounting to more than 70,00,000 sq ft. He has been deeply involved in setting up quality standard manuals and systems at various companies, performing technical audits of various sites and has also trained engineers and supervisory staff.

Nimish believes that empowering employees right from the supervisory level to the top management is necessary to align successful, organization-wide business goals. He, thus, understands businesses, team management and leadership inside out and wishes to reach out to businesses far and wide to help them excel beyond their dreams.

Together, at Prescient Strategist, Life Coach Kalyani Kamble and Nimish Desai work on both - the mind and matter of businesses to empower India's entrepreneurs to create a global benchmark.


  • Hardcover: 214 pages
  • Publisher: White Falcon Publishing; First edition (2022)
  • Author: Nimish Desai
  • ISBN-13: 9781636404592
  • Product Dimensions:  5 x 1 x 8 Inches

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