Bisher Shur

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'Bisher Shur' ('The Poison Tune' in English) is a thriller novel in Bengali, based on Hindustani classical music. It revolves around a mysterious tune resembling Raag Desh, which was composed a few centuries ago by a Sufi Saint, that had enormous magical powers.

The manuscript of the tune is still hidden in the ruins of an abandoned fort in the outskirts of the city of Ahmedabad for last few centuries. Mysteriously torn in several pieces, some of its parts are hidden in several unknown locations in the city of Ahmedabad. A dangerous secret society, members of which are all well-versed in Hindustani classical music, but equally capable of taking lives, is determined to find out the complete tune. They are not aware of the deadly consequences of the amalgamation of the hidden pieces of the tune.

Investigative journalist Ms. Lawrna, aided by space scientist Dr. Agni and his danseuse wife Ms. Mohana fall in the vortex of a dangerous conspiracy in the course of the events. The course of the events destine Mohana to fall prey to a mysterious stranger; a talented, yet dangerous person who manifests his ravishing romance to her in a way unusual. Why doesn’t she offer even the slightest resistance, when the mysterious stranger encircles his fingers slowly around her throat, and strangulates her in the rhythm of a toxic tune in that lustful evening?

Historical monuments. An abandoned fort, which history is oblivious of. Dilapidated graves. Delusions. A mysterious symbol. A small mistake around the love story between a soldier and a danseuse courtesan in the court of the Sultan of Gujarat, consequences of which percolated down through generations, connected with the legacy of the Agra Gharana khayal. A hypnotic tune and a mysterious rythm.

The story, based on historical events, takes numerous adventurous turns through suspenseful, paranormal, psychological and lustful meanders in the backdrop of the heritage city Ahmedabad.

The model featured in the cover page is Ms. Megha Nandi. In the background, the Kaligam fort is seen. The book features twelve beautiful and intricate illustrations created by Ms. Basudha Nandy.

About the Author:  Dr. Tirtha Pratim Das is an alumnus of St. Lawrence High School, Kolkata, St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata and Institute of Radiophysics and Electronics, University of Calcutta. He is a trained physicist and technologist, and serving as a scientist in Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). He started his career as a rocket scientist; following which he contributed to India’s planetary missions Chandrayaan-1 (mission to Moon in 2008), Mars Orbiter Mission (mission to Mars in 2013) and Chandrayaan-2 (mission to Moon in 2019) as planetary scientist. Presently he plays strategic role in ISRO Headquarters for the Indian Space Programme.

Two of his major hobbies, extensive travelling and creative writing, have shaken hands, making him create a bunch of gripping fictional novels. His novels are realistic; which are based on true stories of the places he visits, many of them are lesser known, often supported by photographs taken by himself. On the backdrop of reality, he weaves fantastic thriller fictions out of his outrageous imagination, which span, and many-a-times overlap, historical, paranormal and psychological genres. He is the creator of the characters Agni (a young space scientist), Mohana (Agni’s danseuse wife, cum an amateur actress) and Lawrna (investigative journalist, Mohana’s college-mate), who have collectively solved many mysteries.


  • Paperback: 386 pages
  • Publisher: White Falcon Publishing; 1 edition (2020)
  • Author: Dr. Tirtha Pratim Das
  • ISBN-13: 9789389530933
  • Product Dimensions:  13.9 x 1 x 21.5 cm

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