Design and Implementation of  Estimated and Precise Matching Algorithm for The graph isomorphism

Design and Implementation of Estimated and Precise Matching Algorithm for The graph isomorphism

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The search for common patterns in graphs is a problem of interest in research. Most algorithms reported in the literature focuses on the case where patterns they are looking at a collection of graphs and graph isomorphism is used to determine the occurrences of each pattern.

In this research proposal the problem of finding patterns is addressed in a single graph, using inaccurate when determining occurrences of a pattern correspondence. Additional mind, it is proposed not result in the set of all frequent patterns, but a subset patterns that are interesting, with the purpose to reduce redundancy and facilitate analysis of set of output patterns.

Allow inaccurate correspondence between a patron makes possible to find patterns that go unnoticed with other algorithms, but poses no difficulties trivial, between them, define a function to establish efficiently, the similarity between graphs and strategy to explore the search space.

In addition to describing the proposed problem, its context and the guidelines of the research proposed in this proposal is introduced as part of the results states preliminary research, a function to compare graphs using inaccurate correspondence and an algorithm, ESM able to identify patterns that may have structural differences in both vertices and edges, about their occurrences. Through experimental results shown achievements and limitations of the proposed algorithm so far.

This book comprises of six chapters. Chapter one reviewed and discussed the purpose of and the rationale for this study on the basis that it fills a gap in knowledge in an important area of research in graph isomorphism.

The second chapter focuses on the literature review. In this chapter I have discussed all the standard methods to identify sub graph isomorphism.
The third chapter focuses on the research methodology adopted in the study. The discussion focuses on the research methods employed in the study, including the research design, exploratory research and its findings, As it is clear from the objectives of the study, the study was divided into three parts i.e. experimental model design, implementation in java than result analysis with practical problem of montecoarlo.

Chapter four explains experiments on the the data collected, which results in sub graph isomorphism detection. All the experiments comparative to sub graph isomorphism standard algorithm of ullman.

Chapter five comprises of the result of all the data experimented with standard algorithm of ullman for sub graph isomorphism.

The last and the final chapter i.e. Chapter six includes the conclusions, Findings, and suggestions. Some important implications emerge from these findings.

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