Dhatupatha Verbs in 5 Lakaras Vol3: Relevant Ashtadhyayi Sutras, Vartikas, Karikas, GanaSutras, Tags & Indexes

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The key to proper grasp of Sanskrit Grammar, especially the formation of Verbs from Roots, lies in a sound understanding of

1. Maheshwar Sutras,

2. Pratyaharas,

3. Place and Effort of Enunciation,

4. Homogeneous Letters,

5. Sandhi Rules,

6. Tag Letters of Dhatus and last but not the least

7. Knowing the FINAL Letter of each Dhatu and

8. Knowing the PENULTIMATE Letter of each Dhatu.

All of this has been lucidly explained and properly delved into, with a note on the Ashtadhyayi Sutras needed in deriving and conjugating Verbs. This makes the book unique and a useful text for students of Vyakarana at the College and University Level. It also serves the purpose of the Vedanta Learners, especially those wishing to become intimate with the Language.


  • Paperback: 180 pages
  • Author: Ashwini Kumar Aggarwal
  • ISBN: 9789352910182
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