Geothermal Exploration in East Java: Impact Mapping and Future Prospects

Geothermal Exploration in East Java: Impact Mapping and Future Prospects

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This book aims to evaluate the community's social response to geothermal exploration activities in East Java. In this book,a qualitative approach is used by conducting in-depth interviews and observations with communities, as well as analyzing documents related to geothermal exploration projects. This book shows that the majority of communities have a positive view of exploration projects, especially in terms of economic benefits and infrastructure development. However, there are also some concerns regarding the environmental and social impacts that can be caused by geothermal exploration activities.

In terms of mitigating social and environmental impacts, geothermal exploration projects have implemented several programs such as supporting infrastructure development, training, and development of local. communities, and fulfillment of environmental requirements. Nevertheless, there are still concerns related to environmental and social impacts that need further attention.

In addition, the results also show that communication between relevant parties, such as local governments, project developers, and local communities, needs to be improved to strengthen community support for geothermal exploration projects There are several suggestions from communities related to improving communication, such as providing more transparent and open information and open dialogue with communities.

Thus, this book provides recommendations for project developers and related parties to continue to pay attention to social and environmental aspects in the management of geothermal exploration projects, as well as strengthen communication and community participation in decision-making related to the project.

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  • Publisher: White Falcon Publishing; 1 edition (2023)
  • Author: Abdul Hamid, Anang Triwiratno, Aditya Negara, Andjar Prasetyo, Dendy Setyawan, Ratna Dewi Judhaswati, Yang Sri Romadona
  • ISBN-13: 9798892220248