In Search of Absolute Truth – Rig Veda Volume 1

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In Search of Absolute Truth fundamentally defines three faculties: the mind (that enables one to become aware of the world), the heart (state associated with feeling, affection, caring, and love), and the essence (as living spirit which bring something from nothing and from nothing into an entity or substance, without which any prevailing entity loses its identity). These three the invisible powers behave as one (trinity). They interact with each other create mortal manifestations such as rocks and minerals, vegetation and trees, animals, and birds, living beings and humanity. It also creates immortal invisible bodies such as demigods, deities, divinities, and godheads who prevail to support divine creations.

As humanity, we use our personal experience to acquire knowledge and through attending school and college we become educated scientists, technologists, and spiritual scholars. We proudly pursue inventions and discoveries, not knowing we are only proving that have existed within the universe as ancient knowledge. When as human we cannot explain or prove something, come to accept it as an Act of God and satisfy our ignorance by simply joining religions or cults. Not knowing there are powers of causation that prevail over, and beyond which can only be attained through eternal wisdom.

In Search of Absolute Truth volume one: physical manifestation and two volume encompasses the spiritual involution. The author hopes additional research and in-depth interpretation could further unveil the powers of causation, as human we define as the God, that could make a valuable contributions towards humanity to go beyond essence and attain ability to cope with our changing world.

About the Author: Ramesh Malhotra was born in Lahore, undivided India, in November 1943, on the day of celebration of Guru Nanak’s birthday. After India’s partition in 1947, the author’s family moved to a small town, Solan, in the Himalayas, where he received his education. Later, his family moved to the newly built town of Chandigarh. He completed a master’s degree in geology at Punjab University and worked as a geologist for the Himachel Pradesh, state government located in Simla.

In 1967, the author left India to work toward a postgraduate degree in mining and prospecting from Mont. Hochschule Leoben in Austria. In 1968, he came to the United States for postgraduate studies. After receiving an MS in earth and space science from Stony Brook University in New York and an MSBA from Michigan Tech, he joined Columbia University to pursue a doctorate in mineral economics.

In 1971, he joined the Illinois State Geological Survey as a mineral economist. In 1974, he entered the business world and worked for Freeman United Coal as assistant vice president. In 1981, he joined NERCO Coal; after six years as the president of NERCO, he left the corporate life to start his own business. In 1987, the author established Coal Network in Mason, Ohio.

  • Paperback: 214 pages
  • Publisher: White Falcon Publishing; 1 edition (2023)
  • Author: Ramesh Malhotra
  • ISBN-13: 9781636407388
  • Product Dimensions:  8 x 1 x 10 Inch

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