Kavyanjali Vol. III - (Manifestation of Love)

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Padma Shri Haldhar Nags enchanting poetry would remain confined to the region of Western Odisha if it were not translated from the original Sambalpuri-Kosali language to other widely used languages. Surendra Nath has taken up the mantle to translate the works of the national award-winning poet into English.

This is the third volume of Kavyanjali and carries a special significance. It is the translation of an unpublished epic of Haldhar Nag. The previous two volumes have met with much appreciation and accolades. They have spread the poems of Shri Nag to the national and international scenes. This volume, Kavyanjali Vol. 3 (Manifestation of Love), is a classic exposition of the life of Shri Krishna. Its not a mere retelling of Krishnas life story as taught to us in religious texts. Its the story of the Lord, from His birth to death in little episodes, and in each episode, Krishna showers his love on all, including his enemies. Most episodes (chapters) end in a twist that underscores the originality of the poet. To cite an example, Haldhar presents Pootana as an adorable mother, who having lost her own baby is roaming around crazed, and upon finding the new-born Krishna rushes to suckle him. By sucking the life out of her, Krishna testifies that she was devoted enough to dwell permanently within God.

Love has many splendours, and Shri Krishna reveals his love in different hues to different persons in his life. While for Radha, it is romance, it takes different shades for His friends, for His parents, for His devotees. Even for His enemies He has reserved a special kind of sympathy.

Its a literary work that needs to be savoured delicately, with love and devotion.


  • Paperback: 396 pages
  • Publisher: White Falcon Publishing ; 1 edition (2019)
  • ISBN: 9788192814544
  • Author: Haldhar Nag, Surendra Nath
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