Leadership Matters - Journey of Indian Entrepreneurship - Distortions & Directions from Gandhi to Modi Era

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The deepest fear of Indians has been that they lived in a closed shell like a cocoon for almost a thousand years. Aggressors and invaders who ruled for several hundred years in different spans of time had become their role models. The power of heritage and glorious anchors of the past did not find space in the post-independence history books to teach and inspire society to make entrepreneurial leaders. The fear many of us never wished to face might be ‘very powerful beyond measure.’

The way traditions and culture were demolished by invaders, the country was made to believe that you are not a nation but a caste-ridden, pseudo-secular fragmented economic entity that has nothing to feel proud of but aligns the west with feeling and thinking like a modern country. The economic history of an enlightened self-reliant society was already dammed by the Britishers before their departure. Gandhi could recharge India’s identity and force them to notice that his naked leadership Matters. Leaders who play safe to save their skin and fail to take their neck out to stay in power; would never be entrepreneurial in their grit and guts in transforming India.

It is the glory of success that frightens many achieving leaders. Entrepreneurial leaders appear self-sacrificing, stubborn like Gandhi and tactful with humanness like Narendra Modi. They do not indulge in the ‘cold war’ of winning the business economy, but they hit their opponents below the belt without saying much to them. A chaotic democracy would not encourage a business investment climate in cutting-edge technology. Shouldn’t we promote a healthy entrepreneurial culture as change leaders and enablers? Leaders matter not being on the pinnacle of the ‘edifice’ alone. They matter for their higher purpose, principles and practices that keep them ahead of time and convert their foes into allies.

About the Author: Prof. Nagendra P Singh (Ph.D) is a prolific author, a versatile trainer and an institutional change leader of global repute. His four decades of experience in academia with top Management and Entrepreneurship institutions as a leading professor and founder Director role has brought laurels and global fame to him. A veteran and prime mover of entrepreneurship research and education in India and the South East Asian region since the early 1970s, he has become an institution by himself. A renowned organization process consultant, a globally known and acclaimed Behavioural Scientist of the country brings fresh insight to his analysis as a known Social Entrepreneur. He has impacted the lives of tens of thousands of small entrepreneurs and social change facilitators across the world in the last four decades.

His deep psychological insights and human perspicacity of macro socio-political process in making India a nation highlights distortions and directions that matter for Indian Leadership and their quandary in branding global and enterprising India.

  • Paperback: 338 pages
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