Love vs= Weed

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Do you love reading about love and relationships? Is there a poet or a writer hidden in you? Or a person who believes in love and the healing power of love. If yes, this book is for you! Can love and weed go hand in hand or they will be standing opposite to each other? Is it possible for lust to take over from Love or love will always have an upper hand over lust and weed? All these questions are answered in the book. They are in the form of poems, short verses and quotes.

This book is a masterpiece in itself where it shows you different forms of love and also compares it with weed which is usually a form of the drug (but it is just a personification of the word which the author has tried to put in the form of this book). This book is not to promote weed or any form of the drug, it depicts just a simple personification of the author's imagination to understand the expressions of love and weed. The author made a very nice attempt in bringing love close to weed in the form of poetry.

Does love wins or weed is beating love, leaving love long behind standing close to lust? It seems like a mystery, to solve, read the book. Download Now!

If you are looking for some poetic heart touching proses and verses which define or compares love with other forms, then this book will keep you hooked.

Sneak Peak in the book:
Thou silver divinity of clandestine night,
Straight my footprints through the tree shade;
Thou sentient spectator of unknown delight,
The Lover’s godsend and the Muse unite!

Keep reading, stay happy!

About the Author: I feel I’m a very vague human and nomad at heart. A strong believer of Karma and tries to follow Buddha’s ideologies! An essayist, a wanderer who has a radical way of thinking on many paradigms of life. I’m a person with bursting perkiness of wonderment and takes life as it comes. I firmly trust the feeling of expression to pen down as when you lose your heart, words help. Vouch for me on my twerp substance of life and dialect appreciations shaping it any damn way or style you want or favour!

I have not always thought to be a writer though, but the spoiled ink within me and my life’s experiences inclined my soul to write as words are the best friends and so as books. I had and made many! With this book, I request my readers to read and love yourself in all the ways. Become a part in my journey where there is no right, no wrong, it is just We All…


  • Paperback: 109 pages
  • Publisher: White Falcon Publishing; 1 edition (2019)
  • Author: Shivi Goyal
  • ISBN-13: 9789389530612
  • Product Dimensions:  15.2 x 1 x 22.8 cm

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