Mystery Behind the Lost Crown

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It’s an ADVENTUROUS story in which THREE DETECTIVES solve a MYSTERY behind a lost crown. The story is a suspense thriller which will evoke curiosity in the readers. The characters in the story are inquisitive-minded people who always face the CHALLENGES positively. The coordination among the characters and their BRAVE attitude to face the obstacles in front of them is remarkably portrayed in the story. The story is written in 14 chapters in which each and every chapter has its own relevance. The climax of the story will surely make the readers spellbound as it is totally an unpredictable ending.

About the Author: Samarth B Nair a 9 year old child who was born in Mumbai and raised in Dubai, studying in Grade 4.  At the age of 5, he started the habit of reading books and even pictured his imaginations. He is imaginative and an ardent admirer of adventurous and historical stories. He is very ambitious and always wishes that his creative pieces will be read by others. He used to share his write-ups with his family members. It was then that his family realized that his dreams should come true and his masterpieces should not only be within the family but should be read by others also. He firmly believes that we can give wings to our imagination through words.

  • Paperback: 62 pages
  • Publisher: White Falcon Publishing; 1 edition (2022)
  • Author: Master Samarth Nair
  • ISBN-13: 9781636404257
  • Product Dimensions:  5 x 1 x 8 Inch

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