Professor MC Sharma and his Hundred Glorious Years

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Education, multilinguist, simplicity and saintliness are an ideal combo for a peaceful and contented life in today’s fast paced life. Though it seems so simple and easy on the face of it, getting all these three virtues in one individual is rare though not impossible. Multani Chand Sharma was Godly blessed with all these virtues to lead a happy, healthy and satisfied life for 4 months short of 100 years.

Prof. Sharma started his educational career with initial postings in what is now Pakistan before he moved to Government College, Ludhiana for an eventful innings teaching English and German languages.

A dedicated educationist, widely regarded for his life’s principal of Work is Worship and an epitome of simplicity, honesty and integrity, Multani Chand was an exemplary personality widely regarded and respected in Ludhiana, whole of Punjab and Chandigarh for his contribution to education, initially for English and later on for development of two prominent foreign languages, German and French in the industrial town of Ludhiana.

It was a rare feet to see him walking thru the streets of Ludhiana at times when his students would emerge from nowhere to touch his feet and seek his blessings. He carried enough warmth and had a divinely aura all his life till the time he bid Goodbye to his beloved family for commencement of his final and eternal journey on 26th February 2017.

Such was his love for the great institute, Government College, Ludhiana that he repeatedly used to say that his final journey must be thru this College which we all as his loved descendants ensured before he was consigned to holi flames.

Legends never die and …………….Professor Sharma was one such legend.

About the Author: The author, Mrs Sangeeta Sharma has a long teaching experience of over two decades in reputed Bal Bharati Public School, a Delhi based chain of schools to impart quality education to students. She has done her graduation in Science from Delhi University followed by B.Ed and Post graduation in Sociology.

She has a great passion to teach the school kids in their early formative years of learning. She is a trained and qualified teacher.

Her love for kids and the great endeavour to make today’s kids better citizens tomorrow helped thousands of students to achieve wonders in life, personally and professionally.

She has also authored a book, “Ek Harshit Shor” recently. This book is a collection of Hindi poems on natural surroundings for Primary students. The book is available online on Amazon and Flipcart.

  • Paperback: 112 pages
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  • Author: Sangeeta Sharma
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