Realationships - Quagmire of Attachments, Detachments and Re-attachments

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Relationships can sometimes be a tight slap on the face. You may feel the warmth but in the most unpleasant way. Apologies to start in this tone but what I am referring to is relationships and not real-ationships. We as humans are hard wired to form connections as it is impossible for us to survive alone. We need someone every now and then and that makes us susceptible to meaningless toxic relationships. Also, sometimes only the situation is unfavorable but the real-altionships are by our side. This book is an amalgamation of experiences and emotions I have witnessed and still have. Apologies if I hurt anyone, but the intention is clear- to draw a line between relationships and relationships. With my limited IQ and EQ, I have tried to frame stories that may relate to you directly or indirectly or reminiscence of someone you know has experienced any of these. This book will take you through the multifaceted landscape of relationships, their challenges, expectations, complexities. As we journey through these pages, you will explore the depths of relationships, confronting insecurities. You will notice elements of self-introspection, power of love, empathy and listening. I am not a student of psychology, human behavior or sociology but still have tried to draw insights from anecdotes of personal and professional life. Within these pages, we confront the myriads of questions in dialogue format revolving around a dilemma that arise due to expectations and demands largely. I had a choice to make - Keep it a voluminous intensive research-based book with a lot of words running here and there or keep it short, easy to read, understand and digest. Of course, the second option. Throughout this book, you will notice my free will in using linguistic framing, Uppercases, Italics, punctuation marks. Some of them are of a reason while others can be due to human error. If you come across these, it’s still my learning curve, please be generous to accept but if you feel this as a disrespect to the language in any way, please accept my apology in advance. Dear reader, I hereby invite you to read this book with your free-will, but to get the maximum out of this book, I urge you to read without any judgment, pre-conceived notions, beliefs or comparison with any other author.

  • Hardcover: 154 pages
  • Publisher: White Falcon Publishing; 1 edition (July 2024)
  • Author: Mohit Bhardwaj
  • ISBN-13: 9798892223881
  • Product Dimensions: 5 x 8 Inches

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