Shreemad Bhagavad Geeta - A Vision of the Vedanta for Beginners

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This book unlocks the treasure chest of Vedic wisdom expounded in Bhagavad Geeta and presents its ‘essence’ as a simple translation with explanation of each shloka and an easy-to-read summary of each adhyaya. The unique features of this book are: QR code links to shloka chanting for ease of pronunciation; brief summaries of Vedanta, Tattvabodha and Karma-Karmaphala principles to strengthen the reader’s foundation. This book aims to highlight the inherent message of the art of ‘self-management’ while navigating our ‘action’ oriented lives and connect with our inner-self. The time to understand Geeta is ‘Now’, as we can reap its benefits in this life. In the words of Guruma, Geeta teaches humanity the ‘technique of joyful living’ by preparing our mind to be calm amidst the dual experiences of everyday life. It descriptively covers various topics of karma-yoga, bhakti-yoga and gnana-yoga to enable each of us to select our own path to success.

  • Hardcover: 836 pages
  • Publisher: White Falcon Publishing; 1 edition (2023)
  • Author: Sanjiv Haribhakti
  • ISBN-13: 9798892221221
  • Product Dimensions:  6 x 9 Inches

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