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The monument we have become of our events lasting forever
even after our last gasp has led me towards drafting two, amongst many pillars.


We shall come across the pillars habitually known as‘THE DARK'

In the dark, we will perceive the understanding of several uninvited moments, emotions, thoughts, and even people causing them. We will have a grip on how we unconsciously let the gloom escalate.Well, in the latter part, we have light gleaming on our already existing potential, strength, and the essence of our soul. The light will succor us in discerning that those discrete events combined,make us Unabridged.

To conclude,
The dark isn’t the dark but just unlit
Light being the monument admiring, ticket
The ride from one pillar to another is the monochromatic
It’s the Evanescence
It’s our distinctive edition.

About the Author: Maithili is a 2000 born, a graduate in commerce, occupying a little space in Mumbai, India. A universe girl and a robust believer of requital. She adores writing the way she adores herself. An argument triggered her passion for writing, yet it took good long 4-5 years to unearth her potential.
So here she is, diving into her first venture,
Unafraid, Unaware!

  • Paperback: 116 pages
  • Publisher: White Falcon Publishing; 1 edition (2022)
  • Author: Maithili Dhanrao
  • ISBN-13: 9781636406220
  • Product Dimensions:  5.5 x 1 x 8.5 Inch

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