Studying VLAN Behavior and Usefulness

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A VLAN is a group of devices on one or more LANs that are configured to communicate as if they were attached to the same wire, when in fact they are located on a number of different LAN segments. Network administrators dont want to implement VLANs because they think its the main factor of the network delay.

The book study the behavior of the VLANs and simulate different scenarios of networks using OPNET simulation tool and Cisco Packet Tracer application for the design level.

There is a comparison had been made between a network with VLANs and same network without VLANs and proved by statistic methods that using VLANs is better than not used it and the usefulness of using VLANs in different types of networks.

  • Paperback: 113 pages
  • Book Type: Thesis
  • Publisher: White Falcon Publishing ; 1 edition (2018)
  • Author: Elsadig Gamaleldeen Elsadig Karar
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