Sugar Mill

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A mystery lurks in the air-Who killed them all? A woman (Hailey Claire), a business assistant (Swaraj Gill) and a rear tale (Women's Commercial Rights Commission). A person who killed them all, the one which were near to her. Who could’ve done this? It was sure-none they know-No! It is someone they know. He knows. Dashiell knows! Who is that person? Who is that one who wants to destroy Hailey? Will she be able to find that person?

Will she escape the iron prison she was locked in? So many questions lurk behind, with a question being the answer. “Will Hailey be able to?” After all, they are in the lands of Patriarchal Rule. Follow Hailey Claire, on her way to nothing to something with a secret still unknown. Follow Swaraj, on his path to guide and the path till his answer. Follow the rest, till you know them and till their death (they will die). Follow them, until a mystery rises again. Being a leader was easy for her, establishing a Sugar Mill is that easy? From the Debut author, Akshar Pujara comes the mystery of Sugar Mill. Trail them, from High Towers, to Margot Mill and after. And for the end of all, discover that Adversary! And don’t you forget that mystery is nothing without a betrayer. Though who is that betrayer? A maze, Unravel it. Cage it in the bottom of your heart take a hint and perish it all -Akshar Pujara

About the Author: ‘AKSHAR PUJARA’, the author of Sugar mill is an adolescent with dreams to aspire and lover of books. It is very easy to inspire him, like this time he was inspired by a letter posted on the wrong address. He has achieved many awards till this time and has received the award of best personality at the tender age of seven. He has achieved eight certificates in the span of one year. One which broke a limca record, three in performing arts, one in photography plus one in writing and ‘VISHARADA’ in Sanskrit language (and much more). He, a twelve year old (27/10/2007) now debuts in the field of literature through this book. A lover of Music, Coffee, books and history. And this all, because god exists and Rabindranath Tagore once existed.


  • Paperback: 100 pages
  • Publisher: White Falcon Publishing; 1 edition (2020)
  • Author: Akshar Jayesh Pujara
  • ISBN-13: 9789389932515
  • Product Dimensions:  17.7 x 1 x 20.3 cm

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