Teelu Rauteli Ka Pratishodh

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Teelu Rauteli is a name of Uttarakhand that everyone here is familiar with. It dates back to the middle of the sixteenth century, at that time Garhwal was ruled by King Fatehshah (1660 to 1708) of the Parmar dynasty, whose capital was located at Srinagar in Garhwal. The chief commander of Fatehshah's army was Bhuppu Gorla Rawat of Chaundkot, who was great-mighty and brave, it is said that despite being badly injured in a battle, he beheaded the Kantyuri commander and presented it to King Fatehshah and with his indomitable courage Being overwhelmed with emotion, King Fateh Shah had appointed him the Thokdaar (Zamidaar) of 51 villages.

Bhuppu Gorla was married to Maina Devi, had two twin sons, Bhagtu and Patwa, and a daughter, Tilotama Devi (Teelu Rauteli), believed to have been born on 8 August 1661, Teelu's childhood was spent in the village of Kanda in Bironkhal block, where she learned horse riding, sword fighting and martial arts from his mentor Shibbu Pokhriyal.

Since childhood, she had a black colored mare named 'Binduli'. To avenge the death of his father and brothers, Teelu had to enter the battlefield at the age of 15. The heroic history of Tilu Rauteli, who attained Veergati at the age of 22 years after fighting a continuous war for 7 years, has today taken the form of a glorious heroic saga of Garhwali folk literature.

About the Author: Yash Rawat is an Indian author, blogger, translator and Ayurveda follower. He started his career as a graphic designer but suddenly time changed gear and somebody introduced to him in translation work, so he learned and started doing translation, while doing translation for so many clients and subjects he developed interest in writing.

In 2016 he started blogging his two famous blogs are https://thetrekkersstory.blogspot.com and https://yashrawt.blogspot.com. In 2019, his first book 'Ayurvedic Khana Khazana' was released and in 2020, his next book 'Ayurvedic Herbs and Spices' was released. Both these books are available in e-book format on Amazon and are very much liked. Apart from these, his other books are ‘Param Anand ki Khoj' ‘The Quest of Ultimate Bliss’ and ‘Intermittent Fasting’.

He loves trekking, motorcycling, cycling, running, cooking and reading. His favourite genres are cooking especially in Ayurveda system, historical fiction, Self-help, Spirituality and Suspense Thrillers.

He has done trekking and motorcycling in many popular places of Uttarakhand and Himachal including Kwari Pass, Ruinsara Taal, Kedar Kantha, Dayara Bugyal, Kheer Ganga, Motorbike ride from Delhi to Sangla and Poon Hill, Nepal's most popular trekking destination.

After spending 20 years in Delhi, he now does organic farming in his native village in Uttarakhand.

To know more about him please check the link: https://amzn.to/3aW0Zwh


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  • Author: Yash Rawat
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