The Grim - Part One

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The Grim: Part One is a mystery novel set in the 1990s in the western states of America. The plot follows upon Rebecca Woods, a newly hired police officer who faces challenges while trying to track down an unknown criminal who murders people without leaving a trace or any loose ends. In this Novel, find out how Rebecca overcomes every puzzle, message, and hints left behind by the criminal.

About the Author: Avadhoot D. Bhandare is an author who was born in India. This was his first try at writing a novel, and The Grim Part Two, the second novel in the series, will be released soon.. For more Information

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  • Paperback: 168 pages
  • Publisher: White Falcon Publishing; 1 edition (2022)
  • Author: Avadhoot D. Bhandare
  • ISBN-13: 9781636406015
  • Product Dimensions:  5x 1 x 8 Inch

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