The New Way - a study in the rise and the establishment of a gnostic society-Volume 4

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Volume 4 of The New Way is a series of twenty essays written by Thea for students and friends living in India and throughout the world. Originally presented in The Vishaal Newsletter, between 1989 and 1994, they retain an extraordinary relevance for the world today. Thea offers insights about historical and philosophical issues from a very unusual perspective. In each of her four major themes, she makes a direct application of an Indocentric Cosmology, which she calls The New Way.

She writes from the ‘centre’ that is India: this nation is the ‘planetary soul’ of our Solar System. It is India, by destiny, who is to come forward to assist the Earth in the work to be done in this 9th Manifestation. The essays offer a vision and a methodology to ensure that the seeker does not isolate him/herself and escape from the experience which is presently being offered to our planet – to see ourselves as parts of one luminous whole Earth. We are a race in transition; a higher Truth is evolving within us and our Earth is the place where the process unfolds, where the Light of a Higher Being can increasingly manifest through us.

About the Author: ‘While living in Rome, in January of 1971 a series of mystic experience began that impacted the future course of my life... What was evident even at that early stage was that astrology had little to do with forecasting and predicting the future; it was above all a path of higher knowledge. This approach, I realized, was the role it had always played in what is known as the perennial knowledge, as a part of initiation rites. However, in 1971, an impasse had been reached. It seemed I could go no further on my own. It was in this atmosphere that certain intense mystic/yogic experiences began as a part of an initiation conducted by the mother, Sri Aurobindo’s co-worker, who presided over the Ashram in Pondicherry South India many thousands of kilometers away. The result was that nine months later I found myself in India at the mother’s feet.

From that point onwards, like a sponge I absorbed the yogic knowledge from the mother, resulting in certain keys of higher knowledge that allowed me to decipher a complex architectural plan of the sanctum sanctorum of a temple the mother had ‘seen’ in the subtle plane (1970) and transcribed into Earth measurements. Thereafter, that piece of sacred architecture became the centerpiece of my work; it could no longer be described as astrology. It was more appropriately cosmology – and even more appropriately an applied cosmology to distinguish it from contemporary scientific cosmology which is largely speculative…

After the mother left this plane (1973) by simply following the clues she passed on to me, I was able to formulate an Indocentric Cosmology, first of its kind, since the Puranic Age. Clearly if India is to fulfil her role as Guru of the World in this new age, there has to be factual proof of that lofty destiny and not merely national pride. This proof is provided in all my publications…’ (Thea, Excerpts, Highlights of the New Way Cosmology, 2016)

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