The Prophets Stories: Part Two

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Then he tried to move to prevent the numbness on his backside and to try and sit upright to share in the conversation. Nothing happened. He wanted to shout at them he was alive – Listen to ME! His mind alert and hearing everything they said about him. Still nothing happened. He realised he could feel all the senses of his body even if now realising his body was rigid. Touch, smell, hearing, sight and surprisingly taste. With these senses he knew he had emotions. With emotions, his mind was still active; he could think and dwell on whatever came into his mind. With this realisation, he remained tranquil. He still had intellect; therefore, he was still a thinker, therefore alive.

However, he realised he could not reciprocate any senses. When he thought this through, he gasped at the realisation of this thinking; his body had become his coffin. His mind would be buried in his body. His body in a box somewhere under the earth. He could not even cry out at this agony. He could not move his eyes. He could not close his eyelids or even blink or open his lips.


  • Paperback: 78 pages
  • Publisher: White Falcon Publishing; 1 edition (2020)
  • Author: Conrad Birch
  • ISBN-13: 9789389932706
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