The Sanskrit Roots of Language

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Many youngsters are gleefully taking to Sanskrit thanks to Samskrita Bharati and Vyoma Linguistic Labs. And certainly to the Art of Living Satsangs that are increasingly becoming popular with college students. When we began using our favorite Dhatupatha Sutras Enumerated book, many readers wished an English transliterated version, since they were not familiar with Devanagari.

This is a most encouraging wish, and well, finally you hold the book that beckons bright CBSE Board and other students too to consider opting for Sanskrit at the academic level. This contains the Roots of 10 conjugational groups having Dhatu Serial Number DSN from 1 to 1943. Sanskrit was the lingua franca for many a millennia and the vast Vedic literature might unpredictably hold the key to efficient, sustainable, eco-friendly resource management and cutting edge invention.

The Dhatupatha is Paninis library of Sounds that serves as input to the Ashtadhyayi program. Its intelligent, concise and exemplary coding is regarded in awe by the foremost programmers of today and has stood its ground over 2500 years.Many Dhatupathas are available, and the source is usually an edition of the Siddhanta Kaumudi of Bhattoji Dikshita circa 17th century. A book that is error free, legible and easily understandable is the aim here.

Roots are numbered with a unique Dhatu Serial Number from 1 to 1943.A standard edition is often peppered with footnotes. These comments have been clarified to facilitate learning and teaching for the modern Reader.Apart from Dhatu Sutras, the major Ganasutras have been enumerated. Internal grouping of Roots is well established. Relevant Ashtadhyayi Sutra is often listed. Lucid Indexes make locating any Root precise and convenient.

An alphabetical index on the Sanskrit Dhatus with Tag, and an Index of the Transliterated Roots without Tag, are both listed.Very useful for stepping into the intricacies of Sanskrit Grammar.


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