The War of Minds - A Guide to Manage and Understand Your Mind During Challenging Times

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One explorer travel across the mind to fight the Kroxonian Army who has colonized the mind and made the mind its slave. The Kroxos and the 6 sins have teamed up together. BUT the lone wolf and his pack are on their way to put an end to the Kroxos’ plan and maintain sanity of the mental realm. Throughout this book there are scenarios taken from real life situations; challenges faced by most of us especially teens and very simple, yet effective solutions are provided in a comical way so that reading it becomes exciting.

Everyone thinks discussing about mental health and emotional hygiene is a taboo, but it is not so. Just as we wash our hands to prevent infection, or put a band aid when we get hurt, we do not know what to do when we are heartbroken or depressed or under pressure of performance. We are not aware about emotionally hygienic practices that will help us sustain our mental health. This is exactly what this book provides. It gives us very simple tips and tools to manage our minds, emotionally hygienic practices that we could follow to save our minds and be healthy not only at a physical level but also at emotional and mental levels.

This comic gives a visual to the world about how the seemingly big problems of our life are not so big and are easily manageable with awareness and practice of some basic techniques. ‘The War of Minds’ aims to create a picture in the reader’s mind about how our own mind is our enemy and plays tricks on us. We need to understand the gimmicks played by our mind and win over our mind. If we understand our mind, and win over it, we can very well win over the whole world! Pick this book when you feel low or are emotionally disturbed and have a hearty laugh! And yes, do practice the techniques mentioned in the book!

About the Author: Aarush Prashanth is a 15-year-old boy who is currently studying in Grade 10 in Victorious Kidss Educares, Pune. He is very enthusiastic about making comics and understanding human behaviour. As a child he kept making caricatures and comic strips as a hobby and then in his teens, he somehow had this knack of resolving the challenges faced by his teenage friends. In fact, his friends called him ‘Therapeutic Panda’ as he always had some solution for their problems. So, that is how his love for psychology and understanding human behaviour kickstarted. He has blended his passion for psychology and art and has produced this Comic book, ‘The War of Minds’ that provides emotionally hygienic practices for maintaining a sound mental health. The author wanted to make a difference in the mindset of people reading informative graphic novels.  He wanted to add the element of science fiction in his comic so that it interests the reader. The characters are from a sci-fi world with an apocalyptic setting. He is a regular practitioner of meditation and Sudarshan Kriya of the Art of Living Foundation. He understands the impact of such practices. Hence, his comic aims to provide solutions to not only teenagers but to everyone who has faced a challenge or a setback emotionally. Through this comic he aims to make people smile when they are going through difficult times. Happy Reading!

  • Paperback: 62 pages
  • Publisher: White Falcon Publishing; 1 edition (2023)
  • Author: Aarush Prashanth
  • ISBN-13: 9781636407982
  • Product Dimensions:  8.5 x 1 x 11 Inch

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