Witness to a Wild Goose Chase

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On to Odyssey of Self Realizatoon the protagonist arrives in new environs to face fresh challenges and hard times. Story has all the elements of a fascinating spectacle, fleeting episodes of love, hate, passion, lust, angst, greed, fixation and ego. Ever perturbed by fear, anxiety and perplexity, he finds it hard to stay in a state of repose. His hunt for happiness turns him diffident for it reduces into a chase of a wild goose that appears here, there and everywhere but seldom comes into the grip of the pursuer. In search of Reality, we pursue dreams, money, name, fame, women, wine, position, authority, race, music, dance and drama, drink, food and whatever brings us closer to joyous living. All such measures turn out to be transitory in nature. We eat to satiate hunger but after a few hours pangs return. We enjoy the company of friends and companions but after some time seek a change. Power and authority do not stay for long. Because all pleasantries are ephemeral, race for contentment never ends. Whereas, desire for gaiety keeps the world going, it also keeps the living beings into perpetual throes. Every pleasure outside of oneself is a Mirage. Abiding happiness lies in divinity ensconced in human heart. It is difficult to find it inside, it is impossible to find it outside.

About the Author: Triloknath, a civil engineer, in the course of service, had an opportunity to tour Punjab countryside extensively when he observed rural life from close quarters. He spearheaded a campaign of rural reconstruction and had to undergo a stressful existence. Amidst all the hullabaloo, he maintained his poise and continued his search for Self Realization.

He is a good organiser, an eloquent speaker, a public relations manager and an entertaining story teller.

He authored four books in the series "Triloknath's Odyssey of Self Realization". One " WITNESS TO A WANDERING MIND" received CHANDIGARH SAHITYA AKADEMI AWARD in the year 2015.


  • Paperback: 290 pages
  • Publisher: White Falcon Publishing; 1 edition (2021)
  • Author: Triloknath
  • ISBN-13: 9781636403953
  • Product Dimensions:  5 x 1 x 8 Inches

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