Siddhas - Masters of Nature

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What is the spirit of this tradition? Why does it have a rebellious streak and what makes the Masters so reluctant and hidden?

Siddhas - Masters of Nature is an inspiring preamble, taken at an existential pace into the world of Siddhas.

The book reflects upon the spirit of the Immortal Masters, their teachings, esoteric nature, and divine prowess. And how the native wisdom imparted during primordial times still retains sharp applicability to our post-modern world.

The author offers an easy understanding of yoga, tantra, alchemy, medicine and healing, and the occult dimensions of this ancient spiritual science through his personal experiences with the hidden Masters of the oral lineage and anecdotes.

The authenticity of this book is heightened by the inclusion of ancient cryptic poems of the twilight language (translated into English).

This book assumes the nature of the Siddhas themselves. It demands and shakes your conditioning, as the Siddhas are the cyclonic storms that shake and uproot trees! It is not meant for passive readers.

About the Author: Palpandian's Siddhas - Masters of Nature recounts a unique encounter with the oceanic and mysterious quintessence of the ancient Siddha tradition.

Palpandian gave up college education and chose to turn toward the Siddhas living in mountains and caves. He wandered for two years , meeting many teachers and hidden masters until he met his own. The next twelve years he spent under the immediate guidance of his own Siddha Master hailing from an ancient oral lineage, learning the various dimensions of this pre-vedic tradition.
According to his Guru's instructions, he spent the next 16 years as a native Siddha healer offering free healing and medicines while also continuing his spiritual journey on the Siddha path. Presently, he is involved in teaching, guiding and spreading of the oral teachings of his Guru lineage.

Through Siddhas - Masters of Nature, Palpandian speaks of events, encounters, oral teachings and insights, received while in the vicinity of his Siddha masters.

  • Paperback: 588 pages
  • Publisher: White Falcon Publishing ; 1 edition (2019)
  • Author: Palpandian
  • ISBN-13: 9789353510930
  • Product Dimensions:  6 x 9 Inch

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