Gratitude - The Magical Vibes of Thankfulness

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The Book Gratitude: The Magical Vibes of Thankfulness is an amazing and interesting self help guide and book through the pen of Sheetal Ahuja. If you know little or more about Gratitude, it is enough to start a magnificent journey of magic, miracles and success considering it as the stepping stone. Gratitude is an act and attitude of being in the state of thankfulness or gratefulness for each and everything in life as all what appears in life whether favorable or not (in our terms ) are actually for the highest good. All experiences should be endured irrespective of their nature considering it as the knowledge and endless lessons and teachings for life without complaining, cribbing and depressing. Author has created and nurtured this book wholeheartedly as its mother. As She says "Every Artist  is the  mother of the respective art and its nurturing is an inevitable responsibility". She has described about Gratitude, Why Gratitude, how to apply Gratitude to amplify the life's essential zones of Health, Relationships, Career and most importantly Inner-Self Development. She has infused the book with quantas (energy packets) of Gratitude Affirmations. She believes firmly that, keeping this book along as lifetime buddy, following its efficacies, and applying Affirmations daily  is enough to start building  a strong ,courageous and developed life along with other essential deeds and actions . The interconnection of The Law of Attraction (LoA), Subconcious Mind and Gratitude will astonish you all with its power described in book.Research studies will also support all in realising its worth. She wishes the best to the reader community with immense hope of applying Gratitude in life.

About the Author: Sheetal Ahuja is an optimistic, passionate and curious learner, family and friends lover. Professionally being in the association and immense love with the subject Chemistry as its masters, She has proudly aligned herself to be a dignified, educated and dedicated teacher to her young students. Not only she teaches chemistry but also utilizes its proficiency to synchronize with life principles saying that "Chemistry and Life Are In Intimacy of Each Other, Only It Needs The Angelic Guidance and Support For Companionship”. Author has successfully co-authored the books Love: The Essence That Binds Us All, Ek Naari Sabpe Bhari (Bravo International Book of World Records ,Certified ) ,Chai or Tum: Sukoon ka Dusra Naam, and many more. Gratitude: The Magical Vibes of Thankfulness is her dream debut project through which she wishes the best life of the reader community through imbibation of Attitude of Gratitude in life with firm belief. Her journey of inspiring youth will keep on going through her next powerful bookshots. Till then ,Enjoy and implement Gratitude.

  • Paperback: 146 pages
  • Publisher: White Falcon Publishing; 1 edition (2023)
  • Author: Sheetal Ahuja
  • ISBN-13: 9781636407975
  • Product Dimensions:  6 x 1 x 9 Inch

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