10 Bulls of Zen Counseling

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"A Life-changing book about Knowing your True-Self which is based on the Principle of Buddhism".

Ten Bulls of Zen (Jugyuzu) is a set of ten drawings of Bull, which depicts the path leading to the enlightenment of Zen meditation. Ten Bulls is a series of short poems & accompanying progress toward enlightenment & his or her return to society to enact wisdom & compassion.

The Bulls is the eternal principle of life, truth in action. The ten bulls represent a sequent step in the realization of one's true nature.

What is Zen?
If something is simple, it is Zen.
If something is complicated, it is not Zen.
Our mind is full of junk thoughts. So, it is not Zen

The vision of Zen is so simple: everyone is Buddha, an enlightened being. By practicing Zen meditation you can get to know your true self, & attain the final spiritual state in which there is no more suffering or desire. The method of Zen meditation is so simple: just sitting silently or walking with awareness. But the daily practice of Zen meditation is so boring and difficult that historically only few have attained enlightenment.

Don't you think that many more people could attain the highest happiness if there were a far easier method to access your true-self?

This book will help you to find your true self in a step by step process. It will help you learn these techniques in the form of "Ten Bulls of Zen".

Search for Bull
Discovering the footprints
perceiving the Bull
Catching the Bull
Taming the Bull
Riding the Bull Home
The Bull Transcended
Both the Bull & Self Transcended
Reaching the Source
In the World

You can conquer or achieve anything but before that, you need to know your true self. By knowing your true self, you can use your strengths for your advantage and try to overcome your weakness.

About the Author: Kenichi ‘Dharma’ Ishimaru is the Faculty Representative for the International Kinesiology College (IKC) for Japan. In 2007, Ishimaru was awarded the distinguished International Academy Prize by the Japan Culture Promoting Association for having promoted Kinesiology in Japan.

He was born in Japan in 1951. He experienced a glimpse of enlightenment in India in 1980 and then returned to Japan but completely lost all sense of awakening. Back in a high-pace, stressful society, he started to search for whatever was need to regain his previous state-of-mind.

In 1990 he encountered Kinesiology and started to use it for meditation. He learned several kinds of Kinesiology: “Three in One” from Gordon Stokes & Daniel Whiteside, ”Touch for Health” from John F. Thie, and the “Brain Gym(R)” from Paul Dennison & Carla Hannaford.

He was elected the Faculty Representative for the International Kinesiology College (IKC) for Japan. He created the Zen Counseling method in 2000, and the Zen Kinesiology method in 2003.

He has taught about Zen Counseling and Zen Kinesiology to people from 30 countries including Japan, India, Indonesia, India, Germany, Switzerland, France, Ireland, and the United States. Many times as much as 80 percent of participants succeeded in reaching mini-enlightenment, helping bring on a new age of Satori.


  • Paperback: 100 pages
  • Publisher: White Falcon Publishing; 1 edition (2021)
  • Author: Kenichi Ishimaru
  • ISBN-13: 9788193383919
  • Product Dimensions:  5 x 1 x 8 Inches

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