CHANDIGARH : Planning • Architecture • Landscape • Urban Design • Art • Services

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CHANDIGARH: Planning • Architecture • Landscape • Urban Design • Art • Services is the richest exposition, with an enlightened evaluation, of actual Chandigarh which grew out of Le Corbusier's planning theories and their realisation. It comprehensively deals with Planning, Architecture, Urban Design, Landscape, Art, and Services, in the context of Le Corbusier’s written word and his realised works, vis-à-vis the dynamics of urban phenomena by virtue of which the citizens have acquired a new lifestyle. This book is based on the author’s first doctorate (earned in 1991) that had won the 5th JIIA [Journal of the Indian Institute of Architects] National Award for Excellence in Architecture [Research Category] in 1993.

Though enormous literature, mostly journalism spiced with glossy pictures, exists worldwide on the City, Dr SS Bhatti shows for the first time how the creation of Chandigarh—a state capital that outrivals national capitals of the modern world, and is the Mother City to some of them—is, in fact, An Irony of History! The uniqueness of this publication springs from the author’s amazing professional versatility, with insightful expertise in the History of Modern Architecture along with the History of Indian Architecture, which has enabled him to put Chandigarh in the right global perspective.

Having lived in Chandigarh since 1961 and seen it grow—from a daring experiment (drawing-board graphic representation) to an unforgettable experience (palpable reality)—the author brings to his doctoral thesis a rare authenticity.

Discountenancing the hypothesis-based method which is used worldwide in the study of Human Settlements, the author has developed a holistic system of scholastic enquiry that he calls “PAR-SOM”. With his characteristic tenacity he assures that his method could be used to a great advantage beyond opinionated perceptions and sentimental preferences for the comprehensive investigation and critical evaluation of city that he regards to be “a social organism and a work of art”. Plan, Action and Reality, in tandem with the Subjective, Objective and Metaphysical dimensions of Modern Urbanism, constitute his novel procedure of holistic research.

As a rich resource for future research, this book is a definitive work which should be compulsory reading for all those concerned with planning for vital communities in the 21st century.

About the Author: Dr S(urindera) S(ingh) Bhatti is India’s most versatile professional, nicknamed “Chandigarh’s Mr Versatility” by Chandigarh Newsline of The Indian Express, a leading English newspaper of the country. By virtue of his lifelong diverse learning and diversified view and way of life, he has convincingly laid claim to 55 disciplines, namely, Architecture; Art; Poetry; Criticism; Aesthetics; Engineering; Vocal Music; Comparative Religion, Mysticism, and so forth. He is India’s pioneer Architectural Theorist, Architectura Researcher, Architectural Journalist, and an impassioned protagonist of ecumenical culture of Holistic Creativity that facilely extends its outreach to embrace the entire Mankind as the Essence of Man.

Dr Bhatti holds three PhDs on: (1) CHANDIGARH (1991); (2) CREATIVE MYSTICISM (2000); and (3) GOLDEN TEMPLE (2008). He earned his Master of Architecture degree from The University of Queensland, Australia, on the subject titled ROCK GADRDEN IN CHANDIGARH – A Critical Evaluation of the Work of Nek Chand, which has made this “Outsider Art” known throughout the world.

He has won over 20 national and international awards, including the IIA [Indian Institute of Architects] Lifetime Achievement Gold Medal for Architectural Education (2001). All India Arts & Crafts Society [AIFACS] has honoured him as Veteran Artist; and National Academy of Arts, Sciences & Literature, Italy, has appointed him National Art Adviser for India. Chandigarh Sahitya Akademi [CSA] has conferred Best Book of the Year 2019 Award for his anthology of Urdu poetry “Shu’oor-i-Bekhudi”, and CSA’s Lifetime Award of Recognition for his contribution in the field of literature. Both awards carry a citation and a cash prize.

Dr Bhatti has published over 700 articles on diverse subjects and disciplines in newspapers, magazines, and journals in India and abroad, presented around 100 papers at seminars and conferences, and authored 30 books on diverse disciplines. He is the only architect who has won the University of Roorkee Construction Research Award for Original Contribution to Innovative Engineering. He holds an identical distinction to have worked as the official Art Critic of The Tribune during 1977-1997 when his 400+ reviews of national-, regional-, state-, and district-, and city-level exhibitions of drawings, paintings, sculptures, graphics, applied art, installations, and workshops generated in north-western India an Art Movement that created national and international celebrities.

He founded FIRST FRIDAY FORUM [FFF] in 1999, co-founded the Institute of Indian Interior Designers [IIID] in 1972, and is a founder-member of Chandigarh Press Club established in 1980.


  • Hardback: 580 pages
  • Publisher: White Falcon Publishing; 1 edition (2020)
  • Author: Dr SS Bhatti
  • ISBN-13: 9789389932638
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