Creative Mysticism - Guru Nanak’s Pragmatic Spirituality

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Dr Bhatti’s book is a pioneering work based on real insight into the mystical phenomenon of the Sikh Gurus, especially the unique and distinctive aspects of Revelation received by them—verbal direct revelation as against non-verbal or revelation through an agent. The author’s development of the concept of “Creative Mysticism” in Sikhi context is a very comprehensive thesis as compared to elementary treatment elsewhere in the literature on Mysticism especially by the Sikh scholars. I got almost overawed when I tried to do an analytical study of his book. Every repeat reading of the book opened up every time a new dimension of the mystical phenomenon. —Pritam Singh, President, Institute of Sikh Studies [IOSS], Chandigarh

This book is a fine piece of research on the study of human experience revealed through poetry and architecture, a rare combination. No doubt the Department of Guru Nanak Sikh Studies, Panjab University, Chandigarh, is very proud of this product, but those for whom it is produced would surely feel indebted to Dr Bhatti for exploring the depth of aesthetics in art and culture. I feel extremely proud in presenting this volume to the community of academicians, awakened souls, and readers in general. At the same time, I pray for many more such valuable gifts from Dr Bhatti’s pen. I wish this book to be part of every library in home or institution. It will add to the existing set of knowledge. —Dr Darshan Singh, Chairman, Department of Guru Nanak Sikh Studies, Panjab University, Chandigarh

About the Author: Dr S(urindera) S(ingh) Bhatti is India’s most versatile professional, nicknamed “Chandigarh’s Mr Versatility” by Chandigarh Newsline of The Indian Express. He pursues an amazing range of 55 disciplines that include Architecture; Art; Poetry; Criticism; Aesthetics; Engineering; Vocal Music; Comparative Religion.

He holds three PhDs: (1) CHANDIGARH, which won JIIA National Award for Excellence in Architecture in the Research Category; (2) JAPUJI was honoured by Sri Guru Har Krishan Educational Society as the best doctorate done in 2000 at the Department of Guru Nanak Sikh Studies, Panjab University; and (3) GOLDEN TEMPLE: By virtue of this he was featured in the documentary prepared by Rajya Sabha TV. His Masters Research in Architecture [The University of Queensland, Australia] has made Chandigarh’s Rock Garden an international icon.

Among his 20 national and international awards is Lifetime Achievement Gold Medal in Architectural Education given by the Indian Institute of Architects [IIA]. Chandigarh Sahitya Akademi conferred Best Book of the Year 2019 Award on his Urdu poetry Shu’oor-i-Bekhudi. The award carried a citation and a cash prize of Rs 25,000.00. Over 700 of his articles on diverse subjects have appeared in Indian and foreign publications. Author of 31 books, he was Art Critic of The Tribune during 1977-1997 when his 400+ reviews generated in north-western India an Art Movement that created national and international celebrities. All India Fine Arts & Crafts Society [AIFACS] has honoured him as Veteran Artist.

Chandigarh Sahitya Akademi conferred on him the Award of Recognition for outstanding contribution to English Literature on 8 March 2020. The award carried a citation and a cash prize of Rs 1,00,000.00. This is the rarest of rare honour because it has been won by him in a field that is far removed from his profession of architecture.

He founded FIRST FRIDAY FORUM in 1999, and co-founded with late Sardar Manjit Singh Majithia the Institute of Indian Interior Designers in 1973, and became founder editor of its journal Interior Design.


  • Paperback: 326 pages
  • Publisher: White Falcon Publishing; 1 edition (2020)
  • Author: Dr SS Bhatti
  • ISBN-13: 9781636400761
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