Cue - A Conversation Starter in Content-led Experience Design

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Design Thinking is non-linear.It is not a ladder from point A to point B. It is like a jungle gym, where you bend backwards, move sideways and leap forward, exploring, discovering yet beautifully unfolding.

While you are at it, let language become the material of your intent. Incredibly abstract concepts can be boiled down into tiny packets of cognition, by expressing them in words.

This book believes writing can help one harness ones scattered ideas to make sense of them. Words are the tools that shape one’s design and help one orchestrate a desired experience.

This book encourages you to add content-led design perspective to your toolbox and focus on the invisible. Even while reading the book, the Author encourages you to sit with a yellow crayon and self-indulge.

CUE – A Conversation Starter in Content-led Experience Design, presents you with methods and models to use your power-words and craft a unique experience.

What does the book have?
• 3 content framework models
• 6 case studies with testimonials
• 5 exclusively designed writing prompts to get you started

Who should read the book?
• Brand storytellers
• Experience designers
• Creative content writers
• Architects and Interior designers
• Design professionals and students
• Space stylists and concept creators
• Marketing and communication strategists

About the Author: Seema Lele is an accomplished Architect, Writer, and a Brand Strategist with a track record of helping companies in the public and private sector bring their message to life with a compelling brand story, memorable visual symbols, and a bold communication strategy.

She has been an ardent aesthete, all her educational and professional life. She believes, being attuned to the environment offers rare insights and valuable takeaways.

A strong advocator of the design sense and sensibilities in all walks of life, she pledges to promote the triumph of the invisible over the visible.

And for that, she uses content as her working tool. She designs with words.


  • Paperback: 166 pages
  • Publisher: White Falcon Publishing; 1 edition (2021)
  • Author: Seema Lele
  • ISBN-13: 9781636401546
  • Product Dimensions:  7.87 x 1 x 7.87 Inche

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