Electro-kinetic basis of Urinary Transport

Electro-kinetic basis of Urinary Transport

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Urine is a multicomponent system. Passive collection and active expulsion are the primary functions of  urinary  bladder.  Active  expulsion  is  quite  complicated  process  and  is  a  collective  property  of urine,  bladder  and  the  forces  responsible  for  urination.  Passive  collection  demands  least  interactional  behavior  of  urine  with  the  bladder.  Since  electrical  double  layers  are  characteristics  of  all phase  boundaries  interactional  behavior  of  urine  with  bladder  membranes  may  be  of  immense help in understanding micturition phenomena. Since urinary process is development of pressure, sustenance of pressure and finally release of pressure,  electrokinetic  measurements  may  be  of  immense    use.  Development  of  pressure  across  a membrane  produces  streaming  potential  which  in  turn  gives  rise  to  streaming  current  which  is nothing but micturition wave. As soon as pressure is released, streaming current tends to be minimum. Again with filling of bladder, pressure builds up and the process is regenerative. With this end in view electrokinetic measurement of constituents of urine have been made and results have been explained in terms of methodology of non equilibrium thermodynamics.

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