Energy Efficient Buildings

  • ₹ 300.00

The building sector is one of the largest consumers of energy in India. Implementation of energy efficient building design can significantly reduce the energy consumption in building sector. The building envelope which physically separates the interior from the exterior environment plays an important role in achieving energy efficiency. To deal with energy crisis, the design parameters of building envelope can help in reducing the energy consumption of a building. As a first step to achieve energy efficiency in a building, its envelope must be designed by giving due considerations to climate and built form. Various studies have shown that the building envelope design has a large saving potential of energy consumption in terms of reduced cooling and electrical loads. The prevailing Green rating systems, as a part of regulatory mechanism, take a center stage to address the issues of energy efficiency in buildings. This work provides an insight into the role of building envelope as addressed in the existing Green rating systems for Energy Efficiency in India. 

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